1. "My dear tumblr blog, MUSE, turned 4 today."
  2. I witnessed an interesting incident in Delhi metro, over a year ago. Decided to write it down and make a comic about it. Although I haven’t really made any comics before, this would be my first attempt to do so.

    This comic was supposed to be part of a collection of short comics for a popular publisher, but due to reasons, it isn’t anymore. So I’m posting it on my blog, almost a year later. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  3. A weekend ride of 354 kms from Delhi to Kyarighat, Himachal Pradesh. The stars lit up the night like fireflies.

  4. Kasauli valley in the night. Will be back soon, dear hills.

  5. Some more from the hills at Kasauli. Wild mushrooms and wild trees.

  6. The view from my balcony right now. Can mornings get any better than this?

  7. Birds galore in this set.

  8. A massive post, this one. All about the beautiful taj mahal. Enjoy the set.

  9. More from train journey and pyaari dilli.

  10. Dilli days and train journeys.

  11. Macro flowers.

  12. Portraits.

  13. Oh green, my love.

  14. First day of a new camera.

  15. The Week that was. Christmas, rainy winter delhi days and what not.